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Crooked Lake Productions


Your vision is our priority.

Crooked Lake Productions provides high quality Denver video production services combined with cutting edge technology and award winning creativity. We’re here to shoot, edit, direct, produce, write, animate, color correct and design audio for your HD production needs.

Creative Colorado HD video production!

Award-winning Crooked Lake Productions achieves visually stimulating results. With our stylish minds, we take your original concepts and transfer them to HD productions, using extravagant equipment in our innovative studios. We create dynamic film and video productions by collaborating with you: our skills, your ideas. All the artists in our crew love to work diligently, all the way from pencil sketch to screen. It doesn’t matter if a project has a modest beginning; our finish is always spectacular. Because we never stop working, projects are completed quickly and efficiently. We are a company that makes projects fun, professional and meaningful every step of the way.

Our promise to you.

Crooked Lake Productions understands that making a film is like embarking on an adventure. It is an artistic journey that should be fulfilling and gratifying throughout the process and should leave you feeling satisfied and accomplished. Let Crooked Lake be the company to embark on this journey with you. We vow to respect your ideas and bring them to life the way you first imagined, promising an unmatched final product. At Crooked Lake Productions, your vision is our priority.

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